Conrad Sotelo

Conrad Sotelo, born on March 14, 1978, in San Jose, California, is a seasoned professional with an impressive 27-year career in the commercial flooring world. Raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, Conrad's journey is marked by resilience, determination, and a passion for the commercial flooring industry.  Conrad's educational foundation was laid at San Jose State University, where he pursued his academic endeavor. Graduating with a degree in business management, he emerged well-rounded and equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for the dynamic landscape ahead.  Embarking on his professional journey, Conrad delved into the commercial flooring world, showcasing an innate aptitude for strategic thinking and leadership. Over the years he became committed to fostering growth in business and creating a culture of trust, transparency, and motivating those around him. Conrad is proud of the company and culture that he along with his partners have been able to create and cultivate into a thriving commercial flooring company.  As Conrad continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the business world, his story serves as a testament to the power of passion, education, and a relentless pursuit of one's goals. With a foundation built on family and integrity, and a spirit fueled by helping others achieve their goals while trying to transcend the commercial flooring industry.

Vice President

Emilio Vindiola

My journey in the flooring industry began in 2000. I had a brother who worked as a union installer and I had no knowledge of manual labor, but it intrigued me to see his passion for what he did. I inquired to see what opportunities there were for me and found myself taking the apprenticeship test shortly after. I always felt that when I was committed to something, I was going into it the best I could at all measures. I achieved Journeyman status, and shortly after Foreman status. I ran my first large project in South San Francisco and never looked back. With a mindset of never settling, I wanted more and had motivation to become an Estimator. With no experience as an Estimator, I set goals for myself year after year and grew a business within the Company. Over the past 15 years, I have been able to exceed more than I could have ever expected in flooring sales. I am very proud of the work ethic and relationships I have had the opportunity to build over my career. April 2024 will mark the 2-year anniversary of when we purchased C&S Flooring Systems Inc. and created Future Flooring Group. Our Team was created to bring a different experience of flooring knowledge and growth to this market for younger generations to come. We built a diverse team of partners in all segments of this industry to be one of the leading flooring companies for a very long time. The most important driving force in my life is my family. I have been married to my wife for 21 years. I have a son who is graduating from the University of Arizona. And we have our beloved 12-year-old, 4- legged son named Toby. My hobbies are running, golf and spending time with my family. My biggest accomplishment outside of my marriage to my wife was the opportunity to run 8,800 miles around Australia and Tasmania with runners from around the world.

Partner & Sr. Account Executive

Steve Schirado

Born in San Francisco in 1970, and raised in the East Bay, Steve Schirado is an established figure in the Flooring Industry, boasting a career that spans over 32 years. From his humble beginnings in manufacturing operations and sales, Steve's journey has evolved, leading him to his current role as a founding partner of Future Flooring Group. With a career spanning over three decades, Steve has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in the intricacies of the Flooring Industry. During the early experiences in sales, where he demonstrated a natural flair for connecting with clients, he also adapted to emerging trends and technologies. His commitment to delivering quality and excellence not only earned him the trust of clients but also positioned him as a seasoned veteran in the field. After years in sales, Steve pivoted to the world of commercial flooring. This transition showcased not only his versatility but also a deep passion for the craft and a commitment to mastering the Commercial Flooring Industry. As a flooring contractor, Steve brought his unique blend of sales acumen and a competitive spirit to every project. His dedication to excellence, honed over years in the industry, defined his approach to delivering quality craftsmanship and building lasting relationships with clients. Currently, Steve's role in Future Flooring Group stands as a testament to his diverse skill set and ability to navigate different facets of the industry. His journey from sales to flooring contractor reflects not only his professional growth but a genuine love for the Flooring Industry and his FFG family. Beyond the professional realm, spending time with family, his passion for sports and knack for building relationships remain integral to his identity. As he continues to contribute to the success of Future Flooring Group, Steve Schirado's story is one of adaptability, resilience, and a continuous pursuit of excellence.

Partner & Sr. Account Executive

Jose Rojo

Born in San Jose, California, in 1982, Jose’s story is one of resilience, passion, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. As a professional skateboarder, Jose crisscrossed the globe, leaving his mark on iconic spots and immersing himself in the vibrant skateboarding cultures of different countries. His travels not only shaped his perspective but also cultivated a love for diverse experiences and a keen eye for unique design aesthetics which led him to the commercial flooring world. His evolution from skateboarder to flooring expert reached a pinnacle when he became a founding partner of Future Flooring Group. Embracing his entrepreneurial spirit, Jose brought a fresh perspective to the flooring industry, combining his artistic flair with a commitment to quality and innovation. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Jose remains deeply connected to his roots. Committed to giving back, he actively supports community initiatives, particularly those promoting small business engagement and creativity. Jose continues to shape spaces and inspire others to find their own paths in the ever-evolving landscape of creativity and industry.

Partner and Controller

Mubarak Mohammed

Mubarak was born in the Fiji Islands in 1960. She then migrated to California at the age of 18 in 1978. Mubarak embarked on a journey working in the flooring industry in 1986 with four young children at home. As a women risk taking is one of the most important factor in the process to achieve goals and success. She was fully aware that she had to be a risk taker in order to realize her dream come true. In her career as a flooring Pro, she had to take the risk to be different and change the traditional scheme of the flooring industry and be contingent and confidence to demonstrate that women can be part of this industry as other individuals. Mubarak did not come from a family or a background of entrepreneurs or business owners, she worked her way up the ladder wearing many different hats for many different companies. She always put her career first and has a “I CAN” attitude to make way of her path and dreams. Mubarak is an experienced professional with expertise in strategic planning, sales management, consumer, and customer analytics, as well as revenue generation. She is a creative marketer with a solid technical and sales background, and the proven ability to create and monetize business opportunities. Mubarak has successfully driven significant revenue growth by working closely with inside and outside sales and operations teams.

Administrative Assistant

Marni Sotelo

Sr. Project Estimator

Jason Smith

I have worked in the Flooring Industry for over 30 years as an installer, foreman, project manager and Owner.

Sr. Project Manager

Chris Birch

Chris Birch is a commercial floor covering specialist with over 3 decades of experience. He joined Future Flooring Group in September 2023 as a Project Manager. Prior to this he was the operations manager for a Campbell, CA based commercial floor covering business while also doing sales and estimating. Chris specializes in customer relations and has many loyal clients. When he's not working you may catch Chris enjoying a mountain bike ride, a game of golf, gardening and spending time with his family.


Yvette Gutierrez